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About Lonnetrix Fine Wire Art
Lonnetrix Fine Wire Art was officially established in 2012 by the artist and wire sculptor, Lonnie Q. Ingram. He developed his own style of wire sculpture at the age of 6 and has been creating unique works of art for the past 25 years. Originally from Washington, D.C., he shared and sold his work locally and then in 2012, he decided he needed to share his work with a larger audience. He moved to Baltimore and participated in several juried art shows. The following year, he branched out, traveling as far as Michigan to share his work. The company now participates in about 20 art shows throughout the year and offers other services to satisfy the public's artistic needs!

Lonnetrix Fine Wire Art offers custom wire sculpture, sculpture classes, interior design services and artistic consultations. Our sculptures offer you the opportunity to express your creative side in a unique way – with personalized wire sculptures. If you are looking to add to your art collection or would like to give a unique gift for that special occasion, we offer distinctive gifts that are limited only by your imagination. We know your schedule can be hectic, so we keeps ours flexible. Take classes when you want, on your schedule.

We also offer interior design, artistic consultation and holistic healing. Our services range from re-imagining a space to using existing furniture to create a brand-new one. Our artistic consultants have served as wedding designers down to the floral arrangements and regularly consult with people and businesses concerning the selection of art for their personal or commercial spaces. Lonnetrix offer opportunities for peace and relaxation. Feeling stressed? Try Lonnetrix to release the stress and feel the calm. Rates vary. Contact us for more details.

Our mission is to share our artwork with the world! Seeing our customer's faces when they first experience our work is priceless. As our business grows, we will continue to expand, travel and visit places around the globe, exhibiting our artwork as we go.

Remember, If you can imagine it, we can create it...

Go beyond your imagination and let us create a work of art that expresses you.

Artist Statement

My passion has always been wire. To me, wire is form incarnate. Starting with wire as thin as sewing thread and what I often hear are the patience of Job, because it can take up to a week to complete a project, I create 1-12-inch-high miniature works of art. I use individual and sometimes, combined lines of wire to give my work depth and weight. While creating, I feel as if I'm drawing in mid-air. As if my hands were the assembly line at a factory, I patiently work and develop the wire into not so much art, but the subject matter, itself. Using my self-taught technique, I can create a simple monkey hanging in a tree to the most elaborate of cityscapes. Folks often wonder how I know when I'm done. Well, I am the first to view all my new works. So, when I can no longer recognize my medium as wire, I know the project is complete.
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